Wide 950

When there is mention of joker boat Gommoni and class in the same sentence then you will hear the name Wide 950 mentioned more than once. This amazing boat is the perfect wish of many boat enthusiasts and for a good reason. Its unique shape makes it highly irresistible to every relaxation lover that can’t wait to have their next adventure on the open sea.

Dimensions and boat

The boat wide950 is a very spacious ship with 10 meters long and a 3-meter width. There are two parts of this boat and both of them shine when it comes to its use. The top part and the inside cabin part. The sundeck, which is the front part of the ship takes about half the boat size, making it one of the best boats on the market if you want your boat to be mainly relaxation based. The front part of the boat has handrails on both its sides as the safety is at the top of the list on this boat. The main pothole that leads you to the inside of the cabin is also located here in the front and we will explain that more in detail later in the text.

Inside of the boat

There are many cushions on the boat and they are all comfortable and big enough for at least 4 people to relax and lie down on them. The console of the boat where the mast is located is in the middle of the boat and is just behind the main entrance to the cabin. The driver’s seat is also cushioned and has a back holder that will provide the comfortability that is needed for long drives. Behind the console area, we will find more room for people that want to sit and enjoy a bit of the sun rays but don’t want to be on the main sunbathing area in the front. The windshield around the console also has two small windows that provide enough light for the inside of the cabin and under the console, there is a pothole that will take you to the bedding area of the cabin.

The inside of the cabin has many uses and to start off the storage area is located on the left. Here you can store all the items that you need to take on any kind of travel. There is also a small fridge and a small table that can also be used as a shelf. The right side has a door that will lead you to the bathroom, and next to the door is the bedding area.

Inside the bathroom, there is a sink, a shower head that is extendable, and more storage space, there is also a WC and a mirror.

The bedding area takes 3/4 of the whole cabin. There is space for 2 people here to comfortably sleep.

The main use of the boat:

This boat is purely used for relaxation and recreational activities. The perfect couple or family boat for open seas that can take care of all your needs for several days.