The Coaster 650

Talking about the best boat for personal use will usually land you in a conversation about the Coaster 650. As one of the most sold boats around the world, the coaster 650 has won hearts of both new and old boat lovers. The model was designed in the 1970’s by Franco Donno, and since then it has kept its price range as one of the most money-worth boats on the market.

The coaster 650 has a big sun deck in the front of the ship which leaves tons of possible uses for the front part. It can also be elongated with a sundeck extension which is one of the main reasons this boat is loved with both old and new users. The console and the mast is located in the middle part of the boat for perfect visibility of every angle of the boat. The back part is adorned with a single engine and in between the back and the middle part, we have a huge storage space where you can place all your needed items for all kinds of trips. While the storage space is located on the back it also makes perfect use of that area by adorning the top of the storage lid with a soft cushion, making it a perfect sitting space for people that don’t like to hang out in the front of the boat. There are two areas that can be utilized for sunbathing and while the front has more space that can probably have two people sunbathing at the same time, it does not have the comfort of the back where there is room for only one person. The driver’s seat is also made from the soft cushion and it has a back rest for all those long drives that may require a bit of relaxation time.

The front of the boat also has a fiberglass bow nose that holds the anchor, however, it can also be fitted with a small nose for other purposes.

Main uses for the boat:

If you were to ask the top yacht company in Miami, which is the top charter company in Miami Beach, what is the main use of this boat, they would tell you that there are two uses for this type of boat and the Coaster 650 fulfills them both perfectly.

While it can be used for fishing where it provides both the comfort and the available space for the fishers to relax for hours, the only thing to be noted here is that it can’t house lots of people. While the weight won’t be the problem the space for more than 5 people will be.

The second use for the ship is the pleasure one where you can take it on an adventure at any given time and it will provide the best possible comfort as well as the privacy that is sometimes needed in the middle of the sea. The ship is perfect for couples if they plan to take a long and romantic dive and explore the deep blue with yacht charter services in Miami, Florida.